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Parallel Programming: May 2011 Update

Once again, a big thank you for everyone who contributed to the parallel-programming book. This edition includes:

  1. Nicer fonts, courtesy of Tom Gunderson.
  2. Front and back cover art, courtesy of Melissa Broussard.
  3. Greatly expanded locking chapter (though this chapter never really will be complete).
  4. An appendix covering recent history of RCU in the Linux kernel.
  5. A section introducing RCU concepts as preparation for RCU fundamentals.
  6. A section covering seqlock.
  7. A conflicting-views section covering CPU evolution.

I expect to put out the next update in August. My guess is that I will focus on data ownership and perhaps a bit on data structures, but I do reserve the right to change plans at any point. ;–)

As always, git:// will be updated in real time.


Oct. 21st, 2011 07:52 pm (UTC)
Waouh, this book is very complicated (but very interesting too)