Paul E. McKenney (paulmck) wrote,
Paul E. McKenney

Single-CPU Small-Memory Linux Embedded Systems Still of Interest

At the Kernel Miniconf had a lightening-talks section, in which I asked for a show of hands for people who still cared about single-CPU systems. About ten people raised their hands. I then asked how many people would care about saving 900 bytes of memory. About the same number raised their hands.

So, despite the multicore revolution and the Moore's-Law-induced increases in memory size, tiny systems still have some relevance. Cell phones apparently tend to have hundreds of megabytes of main memory, which makes them as powerful as the mainframes of 20 years back, but there is apparently still an important niche for devices that need to run on less expensive batteries than those powering cell phones. Perhaps Linux is now being used on systems powered by a small solar cell and a big capacitor?

In any case, this show of hands convinced me to continue working on an optimized !SMP implementation of RCU.

Tags: embedded, linux,, rcu

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