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Linux Plumbers Conference 2011

Now that Linux Plumbers Conference has come to a successful conclusion and I have had a weekend to catch up on sleep, I want to offer my heartfelt thanks to the members of the program committee, whose efforts were key to this conference's success, in email-address order: Allison Randal, Jon Corbet, James Bottomley, Jesse Barnes, Jes Sorenson, Jesse Barker, Joel Becker, James Morris, Julia Lawall, Kate Stewart, John Linville, Matthew Garret, Rafael Wysocki, Thomas Gleixner, and Tom Herbert. And of course to the speakers and attendees as well!

Almost all of the presentations are now available on the session pages linked from the schedule.

On the Development Tools Microconference: Julia Lawall noted that there were many different types of tools presented. As a result, she posted a survey to gather ideas for further directions on development tools: Please take a few minutes to fill out the survey.

On the Bufferbloat Microconference: Jim Gettys was happy to see that most people now agree that there is a serious buffer-management problem (as opposed to merely a specific active queue management (AQM) problem), he remains concerned that to few people understand how serious the problem really is. ;—)

On the Scaling Microconference: Good presentations by Mathieu Desnoyers on user-space scalability and by Andi Kleen on kernel scalability, but only a very few members of the audience were actively working on user-space scalability, despite a number of prominent user-space applications having single global locks that sharply limit scalability.

On the Tracing Microconference: There was some good discussion of coordinated tracing in virtualized environments between host and guest OSes, which should be helpful to the increasing numbers of people running such environments.

And much much more...