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Linux Plumbers Conference this past week in San Diego was a great event, and in my role as Program Committee Chair, I thank the many people who provided the excellent content that makes this event what it is. The program committee had to make some tough decisions between worthy submissions. The submitters, both successful and otherwise, provided an excellent set of abstracts and presentations. The Microconference leads put together excellent events, including first-ever Plumbers Constraint-Framework, LLVM, and Android microconferences. Last, but by no means least, there was wonderfui audience participation, including a vibrant hallway track. (A number of the people I informally polled called out the hallway track as the most valuable part of the conference, which I believe to be a very good thing indeed!)

I join all the attendees in thanking the Plumbers Organizing Committee and the Linux Foundation staff for providing the venue, scheduling, organization, food, and drink that powers these events.

And I am already looking forward to next year's Plumbers! I hope to see you there!!!