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I still haven't installed many apps, but I have already come across lookalike apps that offer interesting services that are less pertinent to my current mode of existence than the apps I was actually looking for.  So perhaps app spam will become as much an issue as plain old email spam.

I also took my first-ever selfie, thus learning that using the camera on the same side of the smartphone as the screen gets you a mirror-imaged photograph.  I left the selfie that way on my obligatory Facebook post for purposes of historical accuracy and as a cautionary tale, but it turns out to be quite easy to flip photos (both horizonally and vertically) from the Android Gallery app. It is also possible to change brightness and contrast, add captions, add simple graphics, scrawl over the photo in various colors, adjust perspective, and so on.  An application popped up and offered much much much more (QR code scanning! OCR! Other stuff I didn't bother reading!), but only if I would agree to the license.  Which I might do some time in the future.

I have not yet worked out how I will carry the smartphone long term.  For the moment, it rests in the classic nerd position in my shirt pocket (truth in advertising!!!).

My wife was not all that impressed with the smartphone, which is not too surprising given that grade-school students commonly have them.  She did note that if someone broke into it, they could be taking pictures of her without her knowledge.  I quickly overcame that potential threat by turning the smartphone the other side up, so that any unauthorized photography would be confined to the inside of my shirt pocket.  :-)


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Oct. 14th, 2019 11:15 pm (UTC)
that's different
Your Android experience is not universal and makes me wonder what model phone you have. I've been programming Android systems for years but have never encountered one in which each touch of an app button spawns a duplicate instance. The upgrade mechanism, by default, will wait for wifi to be available, not use cellular data. And contemporary camera apps preview selfies in mirror image but the stored photos are not mirrored.

I keep in my knapsack a lightweight folding bluetooth keyboard that bridges the gap between the virtual keyboard and a laptop.

Andrew Klossner
Oct. 15th, 2019 02:08 am (UTC)
Re: that's different
And I cannot reproduce the duplicate-running-apps issue. It is quite possible that I was confused by similar-looking apps. But the mirror-imaged photo is here: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10156376389010248&set=a.152002590247&type=3&theater¬if_t=feedback_reaction_generic¬if_id=1570897191290184

A smartphone keyboard might be in my future, but right now I need a laptop for other reasons. :-)
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