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Linux Plumbers Conference News

Linux Plumbers Conference is making great progress!

Linus Torvalds has graciously agreed to give an advanced git tutorial, Keith Packard has agreed to give one of the keynotes, and Vivek Kundra (Federal CIO) has agreed to be listed as an invitee (to be confirmed) for a live-video keynote presentation with read-time Q&A. Kudos to all the people whose hard work and persistence has made all this possible!

Watching submissions to software-related conferences is normally a bit of a nail-biting exercise, but for this year's Linux Plumbers Conference, it has actually been quite fun! We have quite a few extremely promising submissions—a big "thank you!!!" to all the submitters!

However, there is one potential problem with the submissions thus far. What problem might that be? Well, unless you have already submitted an abstract, we haven't heard from you yet!!! There is a bit more than two weeks left before the deadline, and I hope you come up with a good topic and submit an abstract. After all, the program committee cannot possibly accept your abstract unless you submit it!!!